Buying a Duvet Cover

Aisles and aisles, different materials, a myriad of colors and patterns, innumerable sizes, and a scale of many types of fabrics, choosing duvet covers is not an simple task. The word duvet is French meaning the down of birds, that is the below feathers of a bird that have no spine. Duvet is now used to refer to a bag filled with these down feathers that is used to keep people warm at night. Duvet covers go over one’s comforter or duvet and are used to care for it.

Simple to store, duvet covers come in cottons, silks, linen, flannels and even velvet. Cotton is the most well loved type of notes used for duvet covers: as it is soft, offers simple breathability and is simple to care for. Silks are usually adopted for an elegant duvet cover scale as it is a plush notes.  Velvet used for duvet covers is usually a polyester blend and this heavier fabric is ultimate for winter months. One can opt for duvet covers in a floral pattern, striped, in a single block color, in animal prints or with one’s pet cartoon character embellished on it depending on one’s taste.

Duvet covers may also be embroidered or come adorned with sequins, beads and the like. Duvet covers maybe sold alone or as part of a set of sheets. Choosing one that comes with a set of sheets allows one to coordinate colors without much effort. Whereas purchasing one that is sold alone allows one to mix and match to suit one’s predilection. Duvet covers that come in cotton and linen are machine washable. Silk, woolen and velvet ones need to be professionally cleaned. Embellished and embroidered duvet covers too demand practiced care.

Duvet covers come in sizes similar to those in additional forms of bedding: twin, queen and king duvet covers.  Also they come in different thread counts just like bed sheets do. Thread counts for duvet covers may vary from 100 to 1000 usually with a thread count of 300 and above indicating covers of high quality. A higher thread count indicates that the notes is soft and longer lasting. Another business to keep in mind when buying duvet covers is the fabric’s ply: this refers to the number of fibers that are woven together to make a fabric. A higher ply means a thicker fabric. Duvet covers of a high ply and high thread count are ultimate for winter months as they are thick and provide the most warmth. Those with a high thread count but low ply are soft and the most expensive. Ones with a low thread count and low ply are economical and lightweight but are not as lasting.

Duvet covers offer a quick and simple way of sprucing up one’s bedroom, without loosening purse strings too much.
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