3D Studio MAX software

What is 3D Studio MAX

3D Studio MAX is best 3d animation, 3d modeling and 3d visualization solution ever made. “Younger brother” of 3D Studio MAX iz 3D Studio which become MAX in some moment, and as MAX become industrial standard for 3D animation and visualization.

Why 3ds MAX is better than other 3d animation software solutions

Because 3d max have so natural user interface, to work in 3DS MAX You need just few days with books and tutorials a lot of time and a bit of intuition.

What I can design / make /animate / vizualize in 3D Studio MAX software

Eerything. Literaly! That is the reason why I love it! You probably sow thousand times images or videos made in this software in movies, advertising, every ware.
Start with 3D studio MAX (tutorials,etc)As I already said You need just some time and of course to have a wish to make all that funny animated stuffs. There are plenty of objects that You can model or animate, actually You can model and animate everything from real life or some creatures or places on the world right from Your dreams:) MAX can everything. It is just questions what You can do ?

Steps to start with 3D Studio MAX

I can give You some base informations where to start and what to do to learn 3DS MAX in very short time. basicaly, You will need to understand and start using naturaly this:
Coordinate system of 3D Studio MAX

moving objects, rotating, scaling, positioning

Modeling in 3D Studio MAX – creating objects in 3D Studio MAX, in first time very base objects like box, cube etc, then compound objects like arrays of base objects implemented in MAX, then a bit complicated to model using advanced techniques like curve modeling or NURBS modeling, then to use some modifiers like extruding, twisting and all that funny and useful stuffs, and at the end, grail of (3d models) 3D modeling: to create organic structures, like animated mans and womans, dinosaurs, elephants etc.

Lights in 3D space –

like in real world when You make some model (object) You need to put some light to be visible. Playing with lights in MAX is an art. You couldn’t believe what effects can be made with simple changing of base light parameters.camera in 3D studio MAX – You need to use virtual 3D MAXs cameras to make pictures, to learn about camera diameters, positioning, driving, zooming, etc.

Special FX in 3D Studio MAX

this is for the end, MAX can give You some excellent and unique visual effect to Your animations or images.

Maybe this soud complicated but it is not, belive me. I started to play with 3D Studio MAX and animation 10 years ago, I don’t work in that industry, it is just my hobby. When I started powerfull machine was PI 200 MHz and 3D Studio MAX verion 2 or something. That was one new and amazing world which keeps me still to be creative and create,. model and animate interesting usual and unusual creatures, lendscapes, furniture, indoors, peoples…If this sound enough interesting and fun to You, feel free to start from those great and free 3D Studio MAX tutorials:

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