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Low fat diet

Physicians have prescribed low fat diets for many years for people who have high cholesterol levels as well as for people who have heart or cardiovascular disease. A low fat diet is designed to cut down on the amount of fats that are ingested in the daily diet so that the body is forced to metabolize the fats that it has stored in and around the organs and tissues of the body as well as in the bloodstream.

Low fat diets have been popular for people who want to lose weight as well. It makes sense that cutting down on foods that are high in fat content would be not only good for your health but would help to lose weight easier and quicker than people who eat foods that are high in fat content. By cutting down the fat content of the daily diet to 20% metabolism will be jump started and weight loss will be much easer to be achieved.

Foods that are high in fats are all red meats, most pork, all organ meats, shellfish, dairy products, and foods high in starch. These types of foods have bases that are made of pastas or flours. These types of foods should be avoided or severely limited on a low fat diet.

Other foods that should be avoided are foods that are either bleached grains or flour based products such as cookies, white breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes, desserts, and other dessert type foods or highly sweet concoctions that do not have any nutritional value. These foods may taste good but have little value for us and do much more harm than they do good. They make our bodies work much harder to digest our food and slow our metabolism to a crawl.

While avoiding foods high in fat, foods that are high in soluble fiber and rich in vitamins and water content should be increased in the dietary intake. These types of raw vegetables should be eaten four to five times daily. Studies have shown that these types of foods help to stave off hunger as they take more time to digest and help to promote healthy digestion as well.

Eating smaller frequent meals through the day will help to keep a dieter on track as well. This helps to keep food in the digestive system, so that there are not cravings or feelings of hunger for foods that are not allowed on the diet. Removing foods that are not allowed on the diet from the pantry or refrigerator will help to keep down the propensity to cheat on your diet as well. Go to the market and fill your pantry with the types of foods that you are allowed to eat on your diet. This will help you to eat properly and give you encouragement in the early days of your diet.

A sample low fat 1500 calorie diet is listed below

Vegetables 4-5 servings per day

Fruits 3-4 servings per day

Dairy 3 servings per day

Whole Grain 3 servings per day

Lean meat, eggs, nuts, or beans 3 servings per day

Fats 2 servings per day

Sweets 2 servings per day

Here is a sample diet for the day

1 scrambled egg (1tsp margarine) Cooked in Pam
1 slice bacon
3 slices tomato


Orange Juice

Morning Snack

Carrots with Low Fat Ranch Dip


Tuna Salad w/ Low Fat Mayo


Cherry Tomatoes5 whole wheat crackers

Water with Lemon Slice

Afternoon Snack


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Marinated in Low Fat Italian Dressing Baked

Green Beans

Broccoli/Cauliflower/Carrot Medley

Low Fat Cheese Sauce

Whole Wheat Roll

Night Time Snack

You have belly fat, how to lose it

As we reach our forties we find that some of the muscle that we have worked so hard to achieve starts to be replaced by fat. For many of us, this fat normally accumulates around our bellies. The concerning factor is that we see little difference in our actual weight yet we begin to notice the start of ‘belly fat’, usually in the form of a ‘spare tyre’ or, ‘love handles’.

It is widely acknowledged that when younger, our bodies produce hormones that regulate how fat is stored, spreading it evenly around our bodies. The female hormones are called estrogen and the male hormones testosterone. The problem is that as we grow older these hormones become fewer in number and in some cases stop being  produced, when this happens fat will start to accumulate more noticeably, especially around our bellies.

Surprisingly, body fat is vitally important to our health, as it is essential in regulating body temperature, it also offers a natural form of shock absorption, protecting our bones and organs. As well as those functions, body fat also supplies us with an emergency food source that is used to provide vital energy which is used to maintain our bodily functions at times when food is scarce and the body is forced to fast.

Most people, even those who are extremely fit, will have a layer of fat just under their skin, this layer of fat is called subcutaneous fat and it poses no immediate health risk whatsoever, unless obesity becomes an issue.

The other type of fat commonly found within the body is called visceral fat, and it can cause serious damage to our health. It is visceral fat that collects around our bellies, thighs and hips.

So.., now you have belly fat, how to lose it is the next question!

Although the reduction in the number of fat managing hormones is partly responsible for the body being unable to cope as well with fat, it comes as little surprise that the major contributing factor is still the types of food we eat.

Let’s be honest here, the amount you eat is not as important as what you eat!

There are certain foods that will actually help you lose weight the more you eat them, so for people who have a healthy appetite it is a case of eating differently rather than eating less.

Changing how we eat would seem relatively easy advice to follow except that there is much more to it than just putting down the cookie jar and picking up a carrot (although that’s not such a bad place to start!).

The science of healthy diet planning isn’t as simple as it used to be. Research has shown that combining different types of food produces better fat burning results than when these foods are eaten on their own, it has also been found that different foods also contain different types of calorie all of which burn at different rates and at different times of the day.

These two reasons, among a few others, highlight the need for a properly formulated healthy diet plan that uses the results of diet research to produce a eating plan that will burn fat much more efficiently, healthily and quickly than regular low calorie diets do, without the added bonus of starving yourself!

Changing your diet is just one side of the coin and is the easier part of getting rid of belly fat. The flipside involves regular exercise, at least to a moderate level. Strength training and aerobic exercise are required if you are to effectively stem the increase of belly fat.

Combining a healthy diet with exercise is the best way to lose belly fat, and the more exercise you do, the more it will work.

If you would like to gain instant access to a successful and popular lifestyle changing diet and exercise plan that will help you get rid of a lot of weight not just your belly fat, check out the link below.

Weight Loss and the Google Gods

Many of you may not have had the pleasure of dealing with the Google gods and their arrogance from being the biggest kid in the playground. Google informed me that they were suspending the listing of my adwords campaign for public safety reasons. I was informed that statements on my website could be misleading to the public. Since when did Google become the public watch dog and concern itself with public safety? I guess I should feel honoured that out of the millions of websites on the world wide web, Google is focusing its attention on my website. Could what I’m saying really be a concern for public safety? Does Homeland Security need to be called in to investigate? Here are the statements that Google found could be misleading and possibly a public safety issue Statement 1: “Lose inches while watching TV”

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If I were to sit and watch TV for a few days and only drink water, I can pretty well guarantee that I would lose weight. I’m not promoting that this is how to lose weight, but Google thinks the statement is not true. Under the Google policies, I need to add a disclaimer stating that not all people will lose weight while watching TV. Do I really have to spell this out? It is true. Conversely,if I were to sit for hours on end and eat greasy burgers, chips and pop for a few days while watching TV, I likely wouldn’t lose weight. If Google had read the next few sentences on my website they would see “I’m going to show you a program that works, even without exercising. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get some exercise, I’m saying that you will start losing even when you don’t have the energy or motivation to exercise.” Statement 2: “Lose inches and pounds with no hunger. Feel full and satisfied.”

The Google representative I spoke with must have been over-weight (50% of Americans are over-weight so I had a 50:50 chance of this being true) and likely has tried a number of diets, because there was no way he believed you could lose weight and not be hungry. I offered for him and others at Google to try the program to test if it was true. He declined the offer. Likely a Google policy prohibits losing weight and not being hungry. I attempted to explain how feeding the body highly nutritious foods will satisfy the brain and cause you to not feel hungry. Feed the body good nutrition with all the essential nutrients your body needs and your body will do the rest. Your body is incredible and given the right nutrition and support will strive to achieve a healthy weight. The Google representative didn’t believe it. So I asked when Google became an expert in healthy weight loss and nutrition. At this point he stopped answering my questions and escalated my case to the Google high authorities, the Googlites. I’m now anxiously awaiting the decision of the Googlite gods to see if my website is a threat to obesity everywhere and the American way of life.

PhenQ increasing muscle tissue for Your Better Dietary Program

One of the things that can make PhenQ become more efficient is that PhenQ increasing muscle tissue. Increasing muscle tissue is one of the main features that offered by PhenQ fat burner. That feature is absolutely helpful for decreasing weight program.

The importance of increasing muscle tissue in weight lost program is already know by many weight lost expert, but they don’t have the technology to achieve it until 2009 when the PhenQ is released to the market, which become a great news for everybody who find a trusted dietary supplement.

PhenQ increasing Muscle Fact

PhenQ increasing muscle tissues are obviously one of the main functions from this diet pills. Do you know what PhenQ stand for? It is stand for Phentemine 375. Phentemine 375 is a result, which finally achieve by the scientist, from years of research to find the best dietary supplement based on what are already existed. The long year finding finally come into a best result in 2009, the year when the PhenQ dietary supplement is released. Since that year, PhenQ is known as one of the strongest fat burning supplements in the market.

PhenQ increasing Muscle Process

Actually PhenQ increasing muscle tissue is only the side function that supports the main function of this fat burner. The main functions of this astonishing dietary supplement are to stimulate the metabolism, suppressing appetite, and reducing fat tissue. But, the most important part of all that many function of this product is to increasing your body’s ability to store fat. So, this product is not only suppress you cravenness for food when you are on diet, but it’s also changing your body’s ability to adapt the fat, which is not all of the diet pills can do it.

The PhenQ increasing muscle tissue feature is coming from and ingredient that used to construct this product. The reason why increasing muscle tissue is important for weight lost is coming from simple logic and simple mathematics counting about in and out calorie of your body. The simple counting is about to count your body’s calorie necessity and the calorie that you absorb from the food. When the absorption is bigger that the necessity, it will become fat, but if the absorption is smaller than the necessity, the calorie shortage will automatically take by your body from the restored fat.

That process will automatically make your body to change the fat into muscle tissue to support for doing your activity with less of calories. The constant occurrence of that process will quickly reduce your restored fat and decreasing you weight. That is why PhenQ increasing muscle tissue becomes one of the advantages that you can get when you use this dietary supplement.

PhenQ increasing Muscle Safety

The ability of PhenQ is unquestionable. Based on the FDA’s approved laboratory statement, this product is safe for long term using. That is why you don’t have to be worry about the safety using of this product. PhenQ increasing muscle tissue is one of the excellence of diet pills that can only be found in this product.

PhenQ For Better Dietary Program

PhenQ is food supplement and would greatly compliment your existing weight loss and dieting promotions. PhenQ is a pharmacy grade food supplement with diet program included both extensive diet plans and exercise video instructions. It is great choice for people who look for that extra to help them with losing weight and getting motivation.
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How Celebrities Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Heidi Klum

The beautiful star saying the mystery of giving 30 pounds in 6 months after birth is motivation states she gets this motivation by hanging the fit photos in front while exercising. Moreover she points she gets extra motivation by seeing the difference of the photo from the previous one taking every month a photo of her nude look till she gets the target weight. Heidi stating that she also owes to the period of breastfeeding for the weight she loses reminds that the snacking done with nutrition such as fruit, vegetable, chicken, fish, and eggs makes one feel satiated.

Catherine Zeta Jones:

She lost the 50 pounds got in duration of pregnancy by diet. In this diet, she consumes foods of high proteins instead of foods of low carbohydrates.

Angelina Jolie:

The famous actress says she gives the weight got with the pregnancy of her daughter Shiloh with yoga.

Moreover, she also believes the special tea prepared with as arum and garlic helps her lose weight.

Kate Hudson:

She owes giving the 62 pounds in 4 months got in pregnancy period to regular 2-3 hours exercises every day. In her nutrition, she gets out of carbohydrates, grains, and fruits preferring little snacking of high proteins in day time long.

Jennifer Lopez:

Lopez lost 44 pounds got when she was pregnant to her twins in a system well prepared. She extends the need of 1400 daily calorie over a day time. She never consumes red meat until she gets fit. She cares consuming proteins in her every meal via diet prepared by fruits and vegetables. The singer not consuming any liquids except for water also does exercises between 45 or 75 minutes in a week.

Gisele Bundchen:

She points that she owes giving the weight got when she was pregnant to her son Benjamin to breast feeding helping her considerably. The model saying she gives attention to her weight during her pregnancy also states that she eats properly and does exercises. Believing that not getting much weight in her pregnancy is an important reason also urges that normal delivery and breastfeeding are also attention taking.

Reese Witherspoon:

Getting her previous look after her pregnancy in eight weeks, Reese states that she does yoga, eats properly, exercises, and does plenty of walking.

Alessandra Ambrosio:

Having her previous look in two months after birth of her daughter Anja, the model says she does cardio and exercises 45 minutes every day. The famous model stating she never follows a diet believes she owes her fitness to breastfeeding and exercise.

If you ask how we do it, the answer is easy; the way that celebrities lose weight after pregnancy has a few significant points: nourishment, breastfeeding, exercise, and motivation. It is important for the celebrities to look beautiful in premiers. Because of this reason, they lose quite much weight in a quite short time. So, let yourself set a goal. Make a plan and go for it. You do not need to have specialist to lose weight as the celebs do. It will be hard if you have never done exercise before. However, you can have your look before birth back  by getting the information of your metabolism. There are a few important points of the way that celebrities lose weight after pregnancy: nourishment, breastfeeding, exercise, and motivation.

Fitness Motivation Tips

Who do you want to be? Its a question that most of us know, but rarely act on or imagine it to be feasible. Everyone wants to have success, to be great. But in order to be great you have to sacrifice. you have to sacrifice what you are for what you will become. You have to sacrifice your short-term desires for your long-term goals.

Being fit is no walk in the park. In fact, most people give up within a week or two of training. This simply will not get the job done and will never allow you to reach your goals. So how do I do it then, you ask? I will explain.

Step 1: Create A Goal

Creating a goal is the initial step in becoming who you want to be. Start off by setting a big picture goal. If your goal is to lose weight for example, set your big picture goal as go from 250 lbs to 200 lbs. So your big picture goal is to lose 50 lbs.

Step 2: Create short-term goals to help along the way

Now that you have your goal, you need to create a time period for you to ake it happen by. If you want to lose 50 pounds in 10 months, you should make little goals to help you such as lose 5 pounds per month and lose 1 pound per week. Little goals like these are what help us accomplish the bigger picture goals.

Step 3: Find you Motivation

This is the driving force being your goals. Without it, you will not succeed, but with it, it can power you to do things you never thought possible. Your motiviation can be anything from Family, to Faith, or even to just look better. Whatever you choose as your motivation, remember to keep that at the forefront of your mind whenever you feel as if you want to quit.

One final word

These three steps are my keys to success. I use these every single day and am very pleased with the results. Remember not to get discouraged if you dont see progress like you want, have patience and it will happen! Never give up and you will never regret the results. Who do you want to be? Think about it.